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Age : 35
Localisation : Poland
Registration date : 2006-11-21

PostSubject: Regulamin   Sun Nov 26, 2006 2:02 am

1. Before you will decide yourself onto name of user, think over exactly whether this, which you chose it will be she answered you, it will stand itself up she your identyfikatorem on forum, thanks which different users will be they could recognize you. If name will bore you, or you will affirm that already to you it does not fit, it will be behind late, because it it was not been possible to change her.
2. In front of foundation of any subject assure that it does not have him still on forum, it can someone put him in front of you. The same concerns newsów. No use , in order to to write again the same .
3. Think, what does it have to be aim of new subject; whether recognize this will not be behind spam?
4. Found subjects in proper place (section, podforum).
5. Account, possessing in name of user of curses, paintings into side different userów, invectives will become ban automatically, without application of cause.
6. If admin/moderator will affirm, that your profile breaks some from rules, it can ask him you about change of sure elements to make this myself. In extreme cases to give rebuking maybe.
7. On forum it one may to contain vulgar language, curses, user of invectives and offending different. Even if in fast censorship, curses steps out they will be convict warning. Stories make up except, in which users have right to put censored curses.
8. If all, what do you have to saying, then "tes","no","thanks", " I agree with preceding speaker ", keep better this after prostu for itself . Such fasts can be recognize behind spam and suitably convict ( the same concerns fasts of one author this myself, contain which for next time but somewhat transformed content).
9. Avoid writings two or more fasts under government. Always you can edit one's posta, possible new informations add. It concerns this not only writing of fast under fast, but also ; bur as well writing what second, third fast under government and containing in them of this of myself sense of statement what did find himself in last fast. Such statements will be recognised also behind spam.
10. Write onto subject. Forum is for everybody, every right has to statement, but we ask very to dusts they sense and they were peaceable you express sie at present with subject in which.
11. If registered user will not log in on forum in period of month, information, will receive that if it will not log in it will become removed in definite time, his account.
12. Admissible size avatara can not cross dimensions 160:160 pikseli, however size of signature (photo under textem) can not cross 500:300 pikseli. In some cases of sygnatur they can cross one from dimensions, under condition that they do not make up for different users of problem with reading of content of fasts on forum ( it concerns this also textu put under sygnaturką, in her place). If administrator/moderator does not please your sygnatur, you will get written rebuking on PW, if in further draught of her you will not change, administrator/moderator will oblige give you warning.
13. Moderator has right to sticking of rebuking 1-5pkt. In dependence from weight of offence. When you will reach 5 points from warnings, your account will become ban on 7 days automatically. You will become informed about this, getting private message, for what did you get rebuking exactly, from who and behind ile points.
14. In some cases user can be treated banem from 1 day to infinity. In some really serious cases account of user can be deleted.
15. Ban does not concern accounts, but persons. If we will affirm, that zbanowany user put new account, it will be also zbanowane. In extreme cases of obstinacy and durations in foolishness, it it was been possible to expect feared on IP.
16. You are responsible for all written fasts from your account, independently from this, that you exactly it was not , and your brother, fish, dog whether cat wrote fasts.You behind you do not answer.
17. If you will notice, that someone breaks regulation, you can notify him Administrator, Moderator describing bad what you see briefly in given fast.
18. If you are careful that you became treated unfairly, one should complaints to send private message to administrators of forum ( writtencomplaints on forum will not be by no means respected).
19. If user getting warning or it will become ban and nobody will not inform him in suitable section from which of reason, this he right has to complain administrator of forum, and if matter will not explain to paru days warning/ban will become him taken
20. All fasts of Administrators, also Moderators they are them own, independent opinion, unless they are this calling fasts to order, defining rules etc
21. Rules can be changed without passing of reason and earlier warnings. Therefore try to be yourself on currently with regulation.

We wish peaceable with regulation, and first of all have fun on Aki of forum Smile

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